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Permanent Tattoo



First step before booking Powder Brows is to book an appointment for HYBRID BROWS TRIAL RUN


Deposits and Cancellations:

A $250 booking fee is required to hold your appointment time. They are non-refundable; however they do apply directly to your procedure total. If you cancel within a 48 hour time frame, no show to your appointment or are 10 minutes or more tardy, you forfeit your deposit. In order to reschedule, a $50 fee will be applied to your total, a new deposit will be required with a valid credit card on file in order to hold an appointment time.

If a second cancellation occurs within a 48 hour time frame, the entire amount of the procedure will be charged to the credit card on file.

I realize urgent situations arise, and I review each situation on a case by case manner.

Please do not schedule your appointment within three weeks of a special event such as a wedding, family photos or graduation OR within two weeks of a vacation that will involve heavy outdoor activity or water submersion. All cancellations due to realization of said special events are subject to cancellation fees for the time frames above.

That being said, if a situation arises and I am forced to reschedule your appointment within a 24 hour time frame, I will subtract $50 from your total.


Color Correction Policy:

Color correction prices are based on two sessions. Any sessions needed after that are billed at $150 per session.

Anyone who has had permanent makeup before should notify Nichole in the Medical History Form, regardless of if you think your tattoo requires correction or not. Prior pigment in the skin affects the new tattoo even if it is faded. It can require removal or further sessions which need to be discussed before the first session. If you need a correction and failed to inform Nichole that you have had prior permanent makeup before your first session will result in 50% of the deposit being reserved.

Complimentary Touchups:

I offer one complimentary touchup for every new procedure within 12 weeks of the original procedure. Between 12 weeks and twelve months, the cost is $150. After twelve months, the cost will be similar to the initial procedure.

A cancellation within a 48 hour period, a no show or 5 minutes or more tardiness forfeits your complimentary touchup. A deposit in the full amount of $150 and a valid credit card on file will then be required to reschedule the touchup.

Late Policy:

My time is very important to me, my clients, and my family.

I am often scheduled back to back and as so, I adhere to a strict 'on-time' policy.

If a client is 10 minutes or more late to their procedure, their appointment will be rescheduled and the initial deposit is forfeited. A $50 fee plus a new deposit on a valid credit card to be held on file will be required to reschedule.

If a client is 5 minutes or more late to a initial touchup, their appointment will be rescheduled and a $50 deposit will be required to reschedule. The consequent touchup will be $100.

Pre-Care Instructions:

8 Weeks Prior: Please refrain from any laser or chemical treatments of the face from this point forward.

3 Weeks Prior: Please refrain from any Botox or wrinkle reducing regimen from this point forward.

72 Hours Prior: Please do not wax, pluck or shave the area from this point forward. Please refrain from ingesting NSAIDs from this point forward.

Please note: DO NOT stop taking any medication prescribed by your Doctor without checking with them first.

24 hours Prior: Please refrain from alcohol consumption from this point forward.

Please do not schedule your appointments within two weeks of special events like weddings, graduations or if you’re going on vacation and will be in any body of water.

NOTE: DO NOT come if you are sick or still showing symptoms of any kind. This includes an active infection, cold, flu or other illness. This also includes being on the “tail-end” of an illness such as still coughing, a runny nose is present or any other symptoms related to your illness. I have many children and own a small business and I cannot run my business successfully if I myself am sick or if I am needed to stay at home to take care of children. I also work with many cancer survivors and the elderly who have weakened immune systems.

If a client is found to have proceeded anyways against these precautions, the appointment will be cancelled and the rescheduling fees will apply.


Consent to Release of Photographs:

This is an agreement between BELLA BAR and yourself.

I hereby grant BELLA BAR permission to use my likeness in photograph(s) in any way the company sees fit. I confirm I am 18 years of age or older. By signing this release, I accept that photographs may be used on the internet or in any other print or electronic medium as Kaety Bowers chooses. I will make no monetary or other claim against The BELLA BAR for use of the photographs.

Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Procedural Expectations and Facts:

1.    Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Procedures take a minimum of two sessions to complete. The second session (first touch-up) is covered in the initial price of the procedure unless affected by the late cancellation policy. Any subsequent sessions (touch-ups) will be billed accordingly.

2.    Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Procedures are an art, not a science.

3.    The results of Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Procedures are not guaranteed. They are affected by many factors not limited to: client age, skin type, skin tone, or biological resistance to pigmentation. This is why during the consultation and design process, Nichole will determine the correct procedure appropriate for your face and skin type according to this factors.

4.    Final finished product can be affected both positively and negatively by factors not limited to: sun screen use, a personal skin care regimen and adherence to proper healing procedures.

5.    Similar to a medical procedure performed by a doctor, every effort will be made to create the most optimal outcome however, The Tinted Room cannot guarantee the healing process.

6.    Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Procedures may need at maximum, yearly touch ups. The rate of touchups depends on but is not limited to: client preference, client genetics, skin type and skin care regimen. Clients with oily skin types, clients who regularly place anti-aging skin care products on their brows or exfoliate harshly as well as clients who do not wear sunscreen outdoors are more susceptible to pigment loss.

7.    Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Procedure fees are non-refundable.

8.    Every effort will be made to ensure that clients are satisfied with the final, healed results. It is understood that due to factors beyond BELLA BAR’s control, final results may vary.

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