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COVID-19 Protocol


We ask that everyone follow the recommendations established by the medical community to keep everyone safe.


*Remain home if you or someone in your home is sick 

*Remain home if you or someone in your home is experiencing symptoms of illness

*Follow social distancing guidelines of 6-feet whenever possible

*Frequently wash your hands with soap at water for at least 20 seconds 

*Avoid touching your face

*Cover your cough or sneeze 





We limit our treatment suites to only the client being served. 

Please do not bring others with you.  Until further notice, BELLA BAR is a no-kid zone. This it to remain compliant with the guidelines for Kansas City, MO and Johnson County to adhere to the 1/1 ratio within our business and to minimize the touch-points that we will need to sanitize between clients.


-Access into Spa

MO:  Please text us upon your arrival and wait in your car until we respond that we are at the door to grant you access into The Loretto.


KS:  If you arrive early, please have a seat in the chair provide outside of our suite door.


This will give us time to sanitize the common areas between clients. We will let you know when it is clear for you to enter.



Until further notice, we will wear a mask continually to protect the public and our clients are expected to also wear one, except when a service cannot be performed while wearing one.


Mask information:



Upon Entry, please remove your shoes and wash your hands. 

MO: You are welcome to use the sink in the foyer or restroom.

KS:  The door to the kitchenette will be open for your access.


-Touch-less Payments

To save time and amp up our touch-less safety initiatives, as always, there is an Easy Button, provided on your Confirmation Email when you book your appointment and on your 24hr Reminder Email.  We would greatly appreciate you considering to utilize this feature to assist us in providing timely services to everyone.


-Grace Period for Start Times

Due to the extra cleaning of all touch-points between clients, please arrive on time for your appointment because we may be ready for you, however, please be prepared to wait. We are asking everyone to utilize our touch-less prepay button provided in your Confirmation Email and 24hr Reminder Email and to complete your Screening Questionnaire (See Above) before arriving.  


However, there will be additional steps that we will need to take between every client to ensure that we are cleaning all touch-points. With this in mind, the start time of your appointment may be delayed, so please give yourself extra allotted time for your self-care with us.  This step will be impactful as we all work to be courteous, kind, and patient with each other and this new 'normal'.


If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.


Thank you so much for working with us. We look forward to seeing you and supporting each other during these challenging times; it is our TOP PRIORITY to operate in a safe and responsible manner.  


Be Safe + Well, Nichole & Cuyler

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