Tap Into Our Whimsical Selves With Coloring Books

I was digging around in my old yoga studio remnants and I found adult coloring books. I grabbed these books to use for a healing yoga session that never came to fruition. My intention was to use this no-rules, creative activity to give my student the opportunity to color outside the lines.

As adults, we live inside the lines so much. If there's not something at work, then it's something at home that needs our attention--precision is usually needed to succeed. A coloring book gives us the opportunity to relax and create something of our own--something that matters and doesn't matter at the same time. Does that makes sense?

It matters because it is specific time we are giving ourselves to just let our minds relax while creating at the same time. It doesn't matter because there are no rules--there's not right or wrong way to scribble outside those lines with colors that match or clash!

So, grab markers, crayons, a pen, a pencil--it does not matter and get to creating a masterpiece. Don't have a coloring book? We do! Grab on the next time you come in.

All coloring book sales ($5 ea.) will be donated to our non-profit organization, Kori Care Foundation (KCF). KCF provides hygiene products for parents and caregivers of children with cancer at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.

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