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Nichole Hines
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BELLA BAR is the Home Of The 10-Minute Braziliian W/ Nichole Hines. 


NICHOLE HINES is a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Tattooist in Missouri; Licensed Cosmetologist in Kansas.  She is currently serving her fifth term as Vice Chairman of Kansas State Board of Cosmetology.  Nichole is the owner of skin and hair removal spas, BELLA BAR HOLISTIC AESTHETICS and LOFTS by BELLA BAR (salon suites).  


Her business includes her own vegan and botanical skincare product line. BELLA BAR has two locations: Kansas City, MO and Leawood, KS.  Quarterly, Nichole hosts continuing education classes for beauty industry business and Brazilian Waxing at her Missouri location.


Nichole attended Spelman College, Atlanta, GA, as an English major and is a graduate of Mid-America Nazarene.


Nichole has been a licensed hairstylist and esthetician for 29 years.  She has owned a hair salon, salon and day spa, insurance agency as a licensed insurance owner/agent and financial planner, and a yoga studio as a certified yoga instructor.  She is proud to have her eldest daughter, Cuyler Hines, RN, LE, work as an Aesthetician in the family business.  


Nichole is currently expanding LOFTS by BELLA BAR with a third location, a salon suites business model, in Leawood, KS, scheduled to open in July 2023.


Nichole has been happily married to Roger Hines for 29 years and has a younger daughter, Kori Blaine Hines.

28 years in Cosmetology/Aesthetics as a salon and day spa owner has given Nichole the expertise to deliver an efficient 10-Minute Brazilian Wax, and DermaPlane Treatment and more.  Nichole has a reputation for removing hair quickly and efficiently to minimize discomfort.

Check out her GOOGLE reviews for real testimonies of her 'bedside' manner.

WAX:  All botanical waxes are formulated for sensitive skin with high-quality skin-safe ingredients to

naturally provide anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

SKIN:  We utilize results-driven, vegan skin care products to replenish and preserve healthy skin. 
BELLA BAR offers the BELLA BAR V-LOVE KIT for at-home Brazilian maintenance. 

Cuyler Hines, Registered Nurse, Licensed Aesthetician

Cuyler is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Esthetician. She is currently a labor and delivery nurse and has also worked in GI.

While I loves caring for patients, she has bigger long term goals in the family business.

Cuyler apprenticed under the direction of her mom, Nichole Hines @bellabar365. Nichole is an experienced cosmetologist and esthetician with over 25 years of experience. Cuyler has always admired her creative and entrepreneurial spirit and strives  to cultivate those qualities

as she embarks on this journey to a new career.

I am very excited about this process and greatly appreciate everyone who comes along with me on this journey!

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