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The purpose of this group is to advocate on behalf of Beauty Industry Professionals and the Public for the wellbeing and safety of the consumer. All are welcome to join us in salon/spa consumer awareness, pertaining to the Health + Safety of the Public. As deregulation of the Beauty Industry increases nationwide, it is our Mission to educate fellow licensed Beauty Industry Professionals and the Public on what is happening within the industry. Our power lies within our alliance with each other, using our voices to protect the physical, mental, and emotional health of the Beauty Industry Consumer.

Our Next Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 @ 7pm/CST


What's Going On?

We are here to fight for all states against the deregulation of the Beauty Industry.

Kansas is on the brink of deregulating Sugaring Hair Removal!

Beauty Industry Deregulation Means:
❌Unlicensed (Unskilled)
❌Uninsured (No Bonding)
❌Untrained (Bodily Harm)
❌Unsanitary (No Inspections)
❌Unvetted (Felonies)

Join our monthly meetings to continue working to bring awareness to the import of a REGULATED Beauty Industry to keep the Health + Safety of the public in tact.

Think about why states created state board and health departments over 100 years ago.

Health and safety standards were put in place to protect us from contagious diseases and bodily harm from unskilled services.

It’s one thing to work on oneself in a bathroom at home doing beauty treatments vs. rendering body services in the public.

Standards of skill, insurance coverage, and sanitation protocol are the very least a state can require to protect its constituents.

It’s up to US to make legislatures care about us!!

Link in Bio to join monthly meetings.
Public + Pros are welcome.

Use Your Voice

Kansas Legislatures

Write the legislators of Kansas, or, any state legislatures to let them know you do not want them deregulating services in your state.

Search the legislative website of your state for proposed bills and prepare to testify and oppose them.

Monthly Meetings

Our first meeting was Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

We have decided to meet monthly to keep our finger on the pulse for the next bills that will be presented in Kansas and other states to deregulate the beauty industry, which leave the public vulnerable to harm from unlicensed people.

Be meeting and growing our organization, we will be ready for petitions and showing up to testify as opponent of any bills presented.

This is also the space to teach others, outside of Kansas, how to organize to fight this apathy for the health and safety of the public.

The Press

Our group's efforts with a petition and the attention of the media got our message to Gov. Laura Kelly to veto the Kansas bill to deregulate Sugaring Hair Removal.  Bill/SB434

As of April 27, 2024, we await the vote of Kansas Senators' vote to override or sustain SB434.

Our Capitol Testimony

Your voice matters!  We used our in Topeka, Ks on March 3, 2024 to oppose Sugaring Hair Removal Bill/SB434.  

Watch this video to hear the reasoning of the proponents and opponents for deregulating Sugaring in Kansas.

Deregulation means people need no training, education, licensing, insurance, or vetting for felonies to touch the public in Kansas.

If you’d like more information about our coalition, get in touch today.

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