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Help Us Keep Kansas Women Safe

Please sign our petition for Governor Laura Kelly to Veto Bill: SB434 to Deregulate Sugaring Hair Removal. Please sign our petition today!

As a concerned citizens of Kansas, we support and stand with the Kansas Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists to VETO SB434 and keep Kansas safe. We am deeply troubled by this bill that seeks to deregulate sugaring hair removal services in Kansas. 

This bill, if not vetoed, would allow anyone to provide sugaring services without the necessary training, licensing, or background screening, creating a significant risk to the public’s health and safety. 

A group of my colleagues and I testified before the Kansas Federal and State Affairs Committee on behalf of the health and safety of the public, in particular, the women of Kansas who seek temporary hair removal services in salons and spas.

Here is the attached hearing; you will witness the testimony from Proponents and Opponents of SB434: Sugaring Deregulation from March 6, 2024 in Topeka, KS at the State Capitol.

(Scroll to 35min time stamp.)

Sugar Hair Removal Services are safe when rendered properly.

Please sign our petition today!

By signing our petition to Veto SB434, you help all of us. Protecting the health and safety of the public needs to be a top priority for every decision-maker in every state. Please help persuade Kansas to do the right thing. As you can see in our testimony, we highlighted all of the key concerns BEYOND rendering hair removal services that need to be taken seriously when deregulating a service within an industry that primarily serves women in a very intimate way.

Now, here's the key reasons why we'd like your signature on our petition...

What you need to know about the deregulation of Sugaring Hair Removal

The Risk #1: Why Is This Veto So Important?

Human Trafficking #2: What is our main concern?


The Risk #1: Why Is This Veto So Important?

Although a sugaring service can be done on any part of the body, the primary area for this service is the genital area. The sugaring hair removal process involves the client removing their clothing from the service area, direct contact with skin from the service provider, and removing the hair from its follicle. When sugaring is not performed correctly, using safety protocols, and with properly disinfected tools, both the client and the provider are at significant risk of infection and disease. Diseases that could have lifelong effects such as herpes, AIDS, hepatitis, and STDs. By allowing untrained, unlicensed individuals to perform this service in unregulated facilities, the public is not safe. source: American Academy of Dermatology 

Please seize this opportunity to make your voice heard with us.

Human Trafficking #2: What is our the main conern?

This bill also has the potential to expose women and girls to sex crimes and/or human trafficking. If not vetoed, providers of this service would no longer be screened for felonies. This would allow registered sex offenders and pedophiles to offer sugaring services to the public. It would also mean the facilities providing these services would no longer be inspected or have any oversight from a state agency. This lack of regulation will open opportunities for illicit activities under the guise of beauty services.

Action Needed #3: How you can help!

The importance of regulating disinfection, sterilization, and regular inspections cannot be overstated when it comes to sugaring hair removal services.  The result of these regulations is that they allow me, and the public, to feel safe and protected. 

Please sign and share our petition today!

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